Our Story


Our founder Zoran Mijalkov is a father of two autistic children. Once he learned the struggles of being a parent of atypical children, he decided to help others cope with the daily struggles and together build a better future for our children, and adults.


After forming the NGO – “Sploteni Srca”, Zoran went and inspired a national alliance know as “5 do 12” which main purpose was to raise awareness of atypical children and adults in Macedonia. Our main problem was that Macedonian government has marginalized these groups and wasn’t actively supporting them.


Soon after that, we have started raising funds to build a regional rehabilitation center for these groups in our hometown of Shtip. Which takes us to the founding of United By Heart (English translation of “Sploteni Srca”), a movement designated to help the children and adults affected by the autism spectrum AND OTHER CONDITIONS.

We won't stop here