Mini Bus

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The current center for children with special needs does not provide transportation for our children, which is why on a daily basis we have had issues with taxi drivers, paying fees for taxi transportation and having difficulties with transporting children in wheelchairs.

To solve this issue, the NGO decided to purchase a Mini bus to transport our children from home to the center and vice versa.

Due to bureaucracy reasons we had to transfer our funds to a government institution to get the mini bus through public auction.

After waiting a few months, the Mini Bus was purchased and we believed that to be the end of it, however soon enough we learned that The City Council did not allocate salary for a driver and our mini bus will be stuck on a parking lot for the rest of 2019.


In the past 4 years we have been dealing with various undermining, but we never have and we will never give up, and it is people like you who keep us moving forward, if you would like to help us achieve our ultimate goal – Building a rehabilitation center in Shtip – please consider donating a small amount to our NGO.